Legendary TBK

The ten Legendary TBK are extravagantly rare one of one TBK that represent the supreme rulers of TBK civilization. They will arrive at specific predestined times over the next ten years, providing punctuated drama and a sense of structure over time to the game.

In order to obtain a Legendary TBK, you must sacrifice a huge number of normal TBK. The first Legendary TBK will start at a price of 69 TBK, and will become cheaper using a standard Dutch Auction mechanism until it is purchased. Each successive Legendary TBK will start at a price in ordinary TBK equal to twice what the last Legendary TBK sold for.

A new Legendary TBK appears each time an additional 10% of the total supply of TBK is issued via VRGDA, and each Legendary Auction is scheduled to end by the time the next Legendary TBK appears (or when all TBK are issued, in the case of the final Legendary).

To compensate for the many TBK lives lost, Legendary TBK produce Goo at twice the rate of the combined TBK sacrificed to summon them.

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