TBK are called TBK because they gobble art. In particular, they eat art that artists draw using our draw tool and turn into 1/1 NFTs using in-game resources. All the artworks a Gobbler eats belong to it on-chain and are displayed in its belly gallery forever.

TBK produce tokens, which are used to produce the blank pages needed to make TBK love the smell of their own , so the more they have in their tanks, the faster they squirt out more new .

The supply of grows faster every day, starting at hundreds and eventually reaching billions and beyond. So, the game can't be balanced by giving items fixed prices in . Instead, a mechanism called VRGDA automatically adjusts prices over time to target a desired issuance schedule, adjusting prices up when sales are ahead of schedule, and down when sales are behind schedule.

The protocol targets an initial Blank Page VRGDA issuance rate of 69 per day to foster experimentation, but eventually slows down to a constant 10 per day to ensure a high bar and focused attention from the community.

The initial (free!) Gobbler mint consists of 2,000 fully animated TBK. Over the next 10 years, players will spend to mint 8,000 more TBK using VRGDA. Issuance is relatively fast at first to bootstrap growth, but slows and eventually stops to preserve exclusivity.

These systems can lead to some interesting gameplay, as players must decide when to trade for TBK, changing the VRGDA price for everyone else. Legendary TBK, boosting 1/1s that can only be obtained by burning huge numbers of regular TBK, encourage large-scale collaboration.

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