TBK themselves are fully animated BSC 721 NFTs.

As well as emitting Goo, they can, of course, gobble art.

In particular, let’s say you own both an TBK and some cool art on a Page. If you feed that Page to your TBK, ownership of the Page transfers on-chain to the TBK contract, which has a mapping indicating which particular TBK that piece of art belongs to.

That Page then becomes a permanent part of that TBK belly gallery, viewable through the TBK app. If you transfer your TBK, all of its gobbled works go with it.

Collectors can curate their TBK however they choose. We can imagine a TBK containing only works by Justin, a TBK containing only pictures of dogs, a TBK full of autographs, a TBK containing a collaborative manga, and countless other possibilities.

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